The classrooms adhere to modern standards and are well furnished. They also have high-tech facilities like projectors, audio-visual equipments for supplemental and comprehensive learning.


A well furnished and fully digitalized computerized library, with a rich collection of books and periodicals, caters to the needs of the students and faculty members. The library has a collection over 6,000 titles and 40,000 volumes. The college library is part of DELNET (Developing Library Networks). The library provides information services like current awareness service, selective dissemination of information service, reference service, bibliographic service etc.

The Techno School Library has come a long way from being a traditional library with manualtransactions to an e-library heading to be a Digitized Library, which has all the relevant information available at a click for the emerging global rainmakers who go through the grind to equip themselves with right skills and expertise to achieve world class standards in various functional areas of management.


The hostels have their own mess which is managed by the students and warden. Senior faculty members also frequently supervise this facility. TGOI ensure that the hostels are well-managed and meet the needs of its students.


Transportation focuses on accessibility rather than the mobility and Techno Group provides a wide range of transportation facility. We covered all the route through our bus system. The college is situated near the NH5 through which students get much more facilities from the college These buses bring the students and staff to the campus in the morning before commencement of the class work and return back after the completion of the classwork.



The facilities include 350 Intel Core-i computers, running on operating systems, namely Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Solarish8, Sco Unix and Linux and housed in six large air conditioned laboratories. Through LAN, Linux and Window NT servers connect all the computers. Internet connectivity through a 6 MBPS leased line under the aegis of Reliance Communication India Ltd. The students and faculty members obtain materials for study and information. Latest versions of Oracle 11g, MS Office, Visual Studio 2010, Turbo C++ and Java are available for use. Many more software’s are in the pipeline.


The workshop is well equipped with machines and tools to cater to the academic requirement of doing jobs. By such practice, student acquires practical skill and shop floor experience. This kind of experience encourages the students to soil their hands when needed. Practical verification of theories and concepts leads to better understanding and designing. Hence the practical component of the academic program is of vital importance.


Electrical and Electronics Engineering disciplines have state-of-the-art equipments. Besides satisfying the requirements of prescribed syllabus, these laboratories can provide opportunity of conducting experiment for project work in developing technologies.

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