Reforms in Examination and Evaluation Procedure:

The Examination Department is headed by the Principal and the coordinator of the all department
who is ably assisted by nominated staff members selected to represent the Exam Committee. The
Department of Examination abides by decisions taken by the College Administration and is duly
supported by the various units of the administration.
Reforms are carried out as per the guide line of the State Council of Technical Education & Vocational
Training ( SCTE&VT) govt. of Odisha .So that examination procedure is transparent and efficient
examination system. Which is adopt by State council of technical education & Vocational Training (
SCTE&VT). Areas of improvement are identified through examination and it is modify by the council
time to time.
Besides that college has implement some important reform for development of examination

The following reforms were carried out by college.

Examination Calendar (EC): The practice of preparing an Examination Calendar was initiated.
The EC is prepared in consultation with Heads of the Departments and the Vice-principal which
is displayed in the college notice board for the benefit of the students. The Examination
Department ensures a strict adherence to the calendar.
Impact: The EC has brought in transparency in the examination procedure and has ensured
timely conduct of examination and publication of results.
 Evaluation Boards: In order to ensure uniformity and standard in evaluation of answer scripts, an
Evaluation Board is constituted for each paper. This board consists of senior faculty members
and all faculty members evaluating the paper. The board discusses the question paper and a
few answer scripts and decides on a uniform and standard pattern of evaluation.
 Impact: This practice has ensured high standards in evaluation and has stamped a mark of
authenticity to the results.
 Result Analysis: The Controller of Examination constitutes a committee for a detailed analysis of
the results, after the publication of results.. The Result Analysis is compiled by the CoE and is
shared with all faculty members.

IT Integration in Examination and Evaluation Procedure

End-to-End Automation of the examination procedure has been achieved by integrating information
technologies in the examination and evaluation procedure. Below are the details of the integration:

Online display of Exam notices through SCTE & VT website

Online registration for the Semester Examination through

 Proper seating arrangement as per scte & vt Guide line

Utilization of Barcode Scanners for marks entry by the council
on of results publish

Best Practices

The Examination Department has instituted a number of practices for a smooth functioning of
exams and to assist the students with any requirement:

 The best answer scripts are identified by the evaluators and a copy of it is displayed in the
library for the benefit of the students.

Workshops are conducted to the faculty members on best practices involving question paper

 All old question papers are available in the college website and in the college library.

Green Practices

The below mentioned green practices have been adopted by the Examination Centre:

 The number of sheets in the answer booklet has been reduced

 Old answer scripts are sent for recycling
 Only paper and cloth bags are used examination purposes thereby avoiding plastic use
 All notices are sent through online, thereby reducing use of papers
 Papers are reused for printing purposes