Director Message

Mr. Sujit Kumar

“Knowledge always helps you to reach your destination provided you know what your destination is.”

Placement is the ultimate goal, the desired destination and the fulfillment of the dream of the aspirant student, his or her parents, the faculty and the Management who make frantic endeavors in carving out and crafting the students career. Naturally, the value of placement in the life of an Engineer or technocrat is undeniable and of utmost significance. A student’s Bon Voyage begins with admission in the college and the course of his choice. Search for placement becomes of crucial significance as soon as the budding engineer smoothly goes ahead. At this stage the Placement Cell becomes the nerve-centre of the college and advance planning begins to see each student well placed in public or private sector. Placement happens to be the climax or culmination of an aspirant student’s journey on the road of education. The Placement Cell remains wide awake and enthusiastically functions to empower students through motivation and grooming and shaping their personality. The role of the Placement Cell is of paramount importance viewed from the angle of employability and creating connectivity with reputed Companies and Industrial Units in order to enhance our students potential to confidently countenance the competitive job market. Today adequate exposure to the practical work-a-day world is mandatory for the job-oriented generation. We are highly ambitious, hopeful and optimistic about the future placement scenario of THE TECHNO GROUP. The sky-soaring reputation of the institute is certainly going to give a fantastic Philip to the successful functioning of our Placement Cell that places above everything else the dreams, hopes and sentiments of sensitive students, parents and faculty members and its pious pledge is to see every deserving student placed in a position he or she deserves. Our every endeavor has been, is and will be to see the same beaming smiles on the faces of the students while they depart from their Alma mater as at the time of arrival.

I have great confidence in our college’s bright future. I’m sure our college will become a stage on which faculty and students can fully display their talents and realize their dreams.Dr. A. P. J. Abdul Kalam has rightly said, “You have to dream before your dreams can come true”.

Mr. Sujit Kumar